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Kei Shin Martial Arts & Fitness

A Martial Arts, Fitness, & Personal Growth Training Facility 



The Kei Shin Fundamentals class focuses on teaching fundamental karate, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu techniques. This will give you a well-rounded approach to self-defense. It also makes fitness fun! Classes are taught in a step by step method so anyone can learn. It focuses mainly on standard self-defense situations that people become involved. This program is broken down into THREE different classes according to age. This class is a great starting point for someone who just wants to learn to defend themselves.

  • Tiny Tigers (4-6 Years Old)
  • Kicking Kids (7-12)
  • Teens & Adults (13 & Up)


Our system of karate is comprised of the Okinawa, Japanese, and American methods of Goju Ryu. This program is for the individual who is focused more on learning the traditional methods of Karate with the modern applications. Goju Ryu was developed by Chojun Miyagi Sensei on the island of Okinawa. The art spread to mainland Japan and eventually across the world. It is one of the original karate systems in which many other styles of karate have developed from. This system is a part of the American Goju Karate Butoku Kai.

LADY-JITSU (AGES 13 Thru Adult)

Lady-Jitsu is designed for you guessed it - Ladies to workout with each other.  Lady-Jitsu ensures that women can get their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu workout together.  Self-Defense techniques are covered as outlined in our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu curriculum.  Ladies also perform techniques only with other ladies.  


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that is based on ground fighting. It focuses on taking a standing opponent to the ground, controlling the opponent, and using positional dominance. From the various positions, leverage is used to obtain a submission or in real life situations to incapacitate someone through joint manipulations or choke holds. Classes are set up so students first learn drills to obtain the techniques that can be used in rolling sessions. While we do teach Jiu-Jitsu techniques in our fundamentals class, this goes much more in depth and is limited to teens and adults. Our fundamental classes teach students the basic self-defense along with fundamental Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques from takedowns, clinch work, and ground movements.  


Ladies & Gentlemen are you ready to burn some calories and tone that body?  Come on in and try our "Fit Pit" Cardio Kickboxing Class!  It is a 45 minute body sculpting program that is designed to help you lose weight, tone up, and have fun.  Coach Ocean will get your body moving with music and help you get that body you have always wanted.  Calorie burning and a awesome attitude is required for this class!!!


Private lessons are available with one one of our awesome instructors.  In a private lesson you or your child can get that one on one attention that you desire.  Private lessons can be for existing students or for that person who chooses not to be in a group setting.  Only one person per private lesson.  The sessions are 45 minutes and the price is only $35 per session!


Small group classes are a great way for a family or a group of friends can get together for training.  In a small group class students can pick the area of training in which they want to focus.  This is a perfect session for ladies to get together and specialize in learning simple self-defense techniques or a small family who wants to train together as a group to learn traditional arts.  It is also a great way for home schoolers to get their children's physical fitness requirement accomplished while the children earn belts in a martial art while learning self defense.  The small group training sessions are limited from 2 to 4 people and the price is only $70 per session!