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Kei Shin Martial Arts & Fitness

A Martial Arts, Fitness, & Personal Growth Training Facility 



The Tiny Tigers Class is specially designed for ages 4 through 6.  It focuses on developing basic martial arts techniques such as movements, kicking, & punching techniques.  Besides doing all of the cool martial arts stuff, we pride ourselves on working on developing personal growth skills in our kids.  This is the perfect age to work on teaching children how to focus, learn self-control, and also learn coordination​.  We make the classes fun and kids learn without realize they are learning.

KOOL KIDS (AGES 7 Thru 12)

Our Kei Shin Kids Class is made for kids ages 7 through 12.  This class is an action packed class in which kids learn the basics of kickboxing, self-defense, and ground defense.  While learning the martial arts the kids also learn how to deal with the day to day struggles of being a child.  They are taught how to deal with aggressive kids and deal with socialization in group settings.  We also continue working on personal growth skills relating to teaching them how to focus, responsibility, and to learn how to respect adults.  Classes are fun and non-stop so while they are learning they are exercising and increasing their fitness.  Nope. No I Pads, Social Media, or Video Games while you are exercising.  So if you want your child to learn a useful life skill and get them away from their technology enroll them in our Kei Shin Kids today!

TEEN & ADULTS (13 & Up)

Alright Teens & Adults this is an awesome class for you.  You will learn some cool and practical self-defense that might save your butt in the street.  Not only will you learn how to protect yourself but you will have fun doing kickboxing drills.  Time to beat on some bags, hit some pads, and work out some of that stress in a fun & exciting way!  Not only will you learn how to kickbox but you will also learn how to defend yourself if you are taken down to the ground.  This class focuses on teaching all ranges of self-defense in a dynamic way.  You will break a sweat and you will be moving.  Put down those cell phones and text your friends later for you are entering the conditioning zone!!!  Classes are designed to work with both beginner level fitness and also advanced level fitness.  Parents, this is a perfect class for you to get some time bonding with your teen.


Ladies & Gentlemen are you ready to burn some calories and tone that body?  Come on in and try our "Fit Pit" Cardio Kickboxing Class!  It is a 45 minute body sculpting program that is designed to help you lose weight, tone up, and have fun.  Coach Ocean will get your body moving with music and help you get that body you have always wanted.  Calorie burning and a awesome attitude is required for this class!!!

Other fitness programs coming soon!!!


Private lessons are available with one one of our awesome instructors.  In a private lesson you or your child can get that one on one attention that you desire.  Private lessons can be for existing students or for that person who chooses not to be in a group setting.  Only one person per private lesson.  The sessions are 45 minutes and the price is only $35 per session!


Small group classes are a great way for a family or a group of friends can get together for training.  In a small group class students can pick the area of training in which they want to focus.  This is a perfect session for ladies to get together and specialize in learning simple self-defense techniques or a small family who wants to train together as a group to learn traditional arts.  It is also a great way for home schoolers to get their children's physical fitness requirement accomplished while the children earn belts in a martial art while learning self defense.  The small group training sessions are limited from 2 to 4 people and the price is only $70 per session!