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Kei Shin Martial Arts & Fitness

A Martial Arts, Fitness, & Personal Growth Training Facility 

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The core of our system is to help develop the core of theirs. Children are very impressionable and our goal is to help mold them into becoming future leaders and successful in life.

We believe in working on the foundation of our youth. We work on life skills to instill a positive mental attitude. We instill confidence building skills to show them that they can handle the challenges they will face as they grow. Confidence and a improved mental state will stay with them even if their martial arts skills fade. We teach our children how to set goals to get to where they want to go in life. They will learn how to persevere through adversity and to push themselves when challenges get hard. They learn to use those skills through the self-discipline and self-control that they develop.

Physical fitness is also part of that equation. While most of the next generation is strapped to a video game or a cell phone, our kids get away from that when they enter the training floor. Kids are meant to be active and we insure that they stay active in our class. We must raise our kids with healthy patterns in life. A healthy body helps make a healthy mind. One of the very best compliments that I hear from parents is "when the kids went home from class they were out"!

If I haven't told you we also teach self-defense. The core of our art our system is made for self-defense. People ask: do you teach karate - yes, kickboxing - yes, jiu-jitsu - yes. Our core system teaches the basics of several systems so that our students can protect themselves. We teach all of those aspects to give the student confidence that they can defend themselves if they need to but we also teach them how to use all of the other skills they learn to avoid having to use them.

Tiny Tigers (Ages 4-7)

Here at Kei Shin Martial Arts we have classes starting at age 4.

At a young age it is a great time to get them started. We work on developing their coordination, listening skills, teamwork, and fitness. We just love watching them grow. This class is a great class to catapult them into the Kicking Kids Class.


Kicking Kids (Ages 7-12)

We at Kei Shin Martial Arts realize the importance of this age.

This is the age where most kids pick up their values and learn the important things in life. They will eventually forge their way into teenagers. A teenager with no guidance, no discipline, no respect, can be a challenge in life. Let us help you develop the skill set needed to prepare them.  Kids also learn Kickboxing, Karate, & Jiu-Jitsu in our classes. 


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