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Kei Shin Martial Arts & Fitness

A Martial Arts, Fitness, & Personal Growth Training Facility 

Veterans Support Wrist Band Event

Our students are selling wristbands to help support our local veterans. Wrist Bands are $3 each and say “I support our veterans”. Get yours today! All of the money collected will go towards our local veterans. Not a dime goes to our dojo. We donated the wristbands, prizes, and all advertising. Chuck Norris even supplied us some autographed pictures that we made into plaques for the top 3 students with the highest revenue generated. Thank you very much Mr. Norris!!! Let’s get those wristbands sold so we can help our veterans!!!!!!

Besides the cause itself, we are teaching our students the difference between being selfless and being selfish.  We are teaching our students how to give back to their community at the same time exercising teamwork to work towards a common goal. Our veterans have given so selflessly to our country an our students appreciate your sacrifices. I am very proud of our Kei Shin Family for the support they have begun to show for our beloved veterans.


Our students rocked it!  They have collected $4,800 dollars from wristbands being sold and donations being given.  Thank you to all who worked so hard and we really appreciate those who made those donations!!!  The money is being given to the Veterans Affairs of Horry County to assist our local veterans.